Yoga Basics for Beginners

We want to make yoga simple. We’ll explore postures, with support modifying them for how your body works. We’ll discover how breathing exercises calm the mind, and put it all together in a short meditation. Afterwards, tell friends you know about asanas and pranayama, if you feel the need!

Yoga Practice Group

Got some yoga experience, like to find a friendly community of practitioners and develop your skills with guidance? You’ll begin to understand by doing the connections between postures, and deepen your practice of pranayama and meditation thanks to the support of a peer group and a skilled tutor.

Therapeutic Yoga

We’re creating a space that entices people with particular requirements, whether because of specific conditions or a desire to live with wellbeing foremost. The class is shaped by members, allowing for common themes – eg digestion, anxiety, insomnia – to be addressed together along with opportunities for 1:1 attention.

Yoga Picnic

We start these sessions with a 75 minute practice emphasising flow and connection. Working outdoors is a way to bring mindfulness to the moment – and if the moment brings bad weather there’s the studio. We’ll finish with tasty food and drink at the Fuel Tank. Unsuitable if you’re injured or pregnant.


Meditation is about learning to accept what’s emerging in mind without being unduly influenced by particular thoughts. The effect is to make you calmer, more present in the moment. We offer a range of mindful products and services aptly called Happy Hour for greater resilience and enthusiasm. Our classes:

Bespoke: work with a skilled practitioner who will help you find ways to get closer to what you desire from meditation. The emphasis is on developing a method that works for your living situation, and is a fit for the habits that support you in being the person that shines at your core.

Breathe: breath is at the heart of everything. Your every mood, thought – and hence choices and actions – are intricately connected with how you breathe. Breath can’t be controlled, but it’s something you can gain greater understanding of, and in the process comprehend why respiration and inspiration are linked.

Soften: we would all benefit by experiencing greater relaxation. These sessions allow you to explore how simple yoga postures held for just a few minutes benefit not just your joints and connective tissue, but your energy levels and emotions. Over time, that greater flow allows long-held blockages to be released.

Intention: clarity and honesty about what you want can take time to emerge. Some people realise that they’re living someone else’s dream and not their own, or are fuelled by desires that are a response to others than a reflection of self. These sessions will uncover your truth and guide you towards its manifestation.

Vibration: a guided journey in discovering how sound can nourish and heal. The use of gongs and crystal bowls within spiritual traditions is long-established, and as well as being subtly powerful in their own right can amplify the impact of silent practices undertaken at the same time, such as meditation and Reiki.

Man to man: gender roles and expectations imprison us all, and this is a group where we’ll use meditation to reflect on personal and collective experience. Career anxieties, relationship issues, being a parent or dealing with your own…this is time among other men, to see yourself in others, and them in you.

Parent and child: a chance for mums or dads with babies or toddlers to chill together. We’ve created a space and time where gentle relaxation is the natural response, and the best bit is – it’s catching! What you’ll experience here will give you new ways to cope with boisterous little ones.

NEW CLIENT: 5 sessions £25
20 session pack: £180
10 session pack: £100
5 session pack: £55
Single session class: £12
Monthly membership – unlimited classes and 10% off treatments: £66

Tuesday 6.00pm – 7.00pm Yoga Basics for Beginners
7.30pm – 8.30pm Yoga Practice Group
Wednesday 10.30am – 11.30am Soften
6.00pm – 7.00pm Therapeutic Yoga
7.30pm – 8.30pm Meditation by donation
Thursday 10.30am – 11.30am Breathe
6.00pm – 7.00pm Yoga Practice Group
7.30pm – 8.30pm Yoga Basics for Beginners
Friday 10.30am – 11.30am Intention


How can life be lived fully?

The Ten Secrets To Maintaining Your Own Wellness
The Ten Secrets To Maintaining Your Own Wellness E-book Sunita Passi 2018

​Introduce mindful relaxation and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for increased balance and harmony.

Get ​our FREE e-Book on the ten secrets to maintaining your own wellness NOW

How can life be lived fully? Introduce mindful relaxation and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for increased balance and harmony.

Get my FREE e-Book on the ten secrets to maintaining your own wellness NOW

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