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Herbalism with Victoria Ward

Herbalist Victoria Ward grew up roaming the countryside, fascinated by the plantlife around her. She studied at Lincoln University in total for seven years to become a qualified herbalist, learning anatomy and physiology, nutrition and botany, and how they all go together to make a clinical diagnosis.

Victoria further honed those skills in a community nursing team providing out of hours and emergency support – the sharp end, where medical issues, social care, and mental health can all arise in what’s going on with someone at a critical moment. That background formed the foundation of her own practice.

An assessment with Victoria takes 90 minutes, looking at every aspect of what’s going on in someone’s life now and over time to form a detailed picture of how things come to be as they are. That diagnosis is the basis of treatment, usually taking the form of a liquid tincture. Sometimes a cream or dried preparation may be more suitable.

Concerns successfully addressed using Victoria’s skills have included skin conditions, digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances and musculoskeletal matters. Generally speaking herbal medicine is very effective to regulate sleep, combat stress and enhance energy and general wellbeing.

Ayurvedic Analysis with Sunita Passi

When her frenetic career as an international business journalist crashed to a halt in India, Ayurveda put Sunita back together again. That rebirth connected Sunita with her grandfather’s practice as an Ayurvedic healer and the realisation Ayurveda is woven into the fabric of her upbringing.

Quality attention by an Ayurvedic practitioner immersed in the system will reveal core patterns that shape who and how you are – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The experience is akin to watching the apparently random images on a kaleidoscope fall into place in a shape you recognise as your own.

What comes up will help explain much of your experience with food, with illness, and with stress. Your particular energetic combination crystallises in a form known as your prakruti. In doing so, it sheds light on your vikruti – that is, your characteristic elemental imbalance. One defines the other – we need both to evolve.

In a detailed session lasting 90 minutes, we will discuss what foods will best nourish you, and which to cut down on. Food is medicine, and making changes at a dietary level can create ripples through your life, and as you tune into your essential nature more you’ll feel their value.

We’ll also explore what practices will best support your ability to love and to grow, to achieve and to heal. What works best for one doesn’t always suit another, thanks to our elemental constitution. Other areas we’ll go into include –

  • Recommended body and breathing techniques for relaxation, flexibility, and strength
  • Ways to change habits and achieve goals
  • Tailored approaches to health issues ranging from digestive and skin conditions to menstrual patterns and allergies
  • Pointers for dealing with anxiety, depression, procrastination, and compulsions

If all that seems a lot to cover in the time, bear in mind that when fundamental patterns are identified there’s a tendency for clues about a number of matters to become unmistakeably obvious where they were previously hidden.

Whether the session is a first experience of Ayurveda at a time you need fresh insight into the person you’ve been and are becoming, or another step on a journey you’re already enjoying, we look forward to supporting you.


Ayurvedic Purification

There are a range of conditions that can be transformed through the practice of panchakarma, a traditional detox method that’s tailored to the needs of the client. Issues addressed this way include skin diseases, emotional stress, serious anxiety, digestive problems, elimination disorders and sciatica.

This is deep-dive stuff where root causes are addressed, and realisations made, allowing you to move forward renewed. Panchakarma is a process to be respected, and every person’s experience is different. Working with Sunita and her team, you’ll explore dietary changes, practice meditation, enjoy massage, and spend time disconnected from other concerns. You’ll spend a few days getting to know yourself again, and finding new ways to breathe, to relax, to connect, and to use some tried-and-tested means of clearing toxins from your system.

If you think panchakarma is for you, make an enquiry. It could be the best choice you’ve made for a long time.


How can life be lived fully?

The Ten Secrets To Maintaining Your Own Wellness
The Ten Secrets To Maintaining Your Own Wellness E-book Sunita Passi 2018

​Introduce mindful relaxation and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for increased balance and harmony.

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How can life be lived fully? Introduce mindful relaxation and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for increased balance and harmony.

Get my FREE e-Book on the ten secrets to maintaining your own wellness NOW

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