Over a 20-year career in Ayurveda, I have trained over 1,000 practitioners and brought authentic, practical tools for natural health into the lives of thousands more. My business model combines this passion for healing with environmentally and socially conscious practices and a clear-sighted focus on my higher purpose: to change the paradigm around wellness.

I grew up in the midlands UK and was first introduced to Ayurvedic medicine by observing my grandfather, Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Hazari Lal Passi, in his clinic. I later entered the field of investigative journalism, pursuing a fast-moving career that was a far cry from the gentle world of holistic healing. But the seeds had been sown.

At a certain point, I realised that the path to human wholeness lay not in conventional medicine and hard-headed competition, but in adopting a mindbody approach that could be applied to every facet of one’s daily lifestyle – looking to the ancient world to find inspiration and guidance for a better future.



My lineage as a healer proved a decisive turning point, and I quickly moved on from Ayurveda student to founding my own company, Tri-Dosha, in 2005. Tri-Dosha has now won multiple awards for our training programmes and hair and skincare products that draw on modern formulations with ancient herbal alchemies for their effectiveness.

Known for my fun, approachable and compassionate style, I am proud to have become an articulate champion for natural healing, taking my message of treating the whole being out into a wider world. I have been a TEDx speaker, BBC Radio broadcaster, author and podcast host; I mentor students as an Alumni Fellow of Nottingham Trent University; and I coach individuals and industry professionals through authentic wellness platforms, both online and in-person.


“Whatever we do

in life, we owe it

to ourselves to be

the best we can


Sunita Passi

The Doctor Won’t See You Now


In my new book, The Doctor Won’t See You Now, I analyse how it’s time to heal healthcare and take greater responsibility for our own well-being.

Cutting through the mystique surrounding complementary medicine, I advocate for Ayurveda as the world’s oldest cohesive approach to well-being, with an emphasis on illness prevention and balancing personality types with their unique bodily and nutritional needs.

At a time when physical and mental health have never been more in the spotlight, it is a call to action that needs to be heard.   

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