Living Ayurveda for Health & Harmony – All


A deep dive into Ayurveda, bringing the powerful spirituality and time-tested practices that originated 5,000 years ago into your daily self-care.

A historical and philosophical overview of the mind – the manas or stream of consciousness as it is known – you will learn how to ignite the tools for developing awareness.

We will explore the three gunas: Sattva (tranquil or subtle energy), Rajas (active energy) and Tamas (inertia or dullness) and explain how fresh foods and herbs can help keep the gunas nourished, while also rebalancing wayward doshas.

Explore the relationship between our doshas and mind, and how we can open the Manovaha Srotas or channels for the mind, to better analyse and express thoughts and emotions and optimise mental and emotional acuity.

Delve deeper into the healing tools which can help relieve pain, enhance immunity, balance the emotions and help us be the very best we can be.

4 x 80-minute sessions

Each session includes an hour of teaching followed by a Q&A, and 20 minutes of guided meditation. Individual sessions may be purchased to suit your needs and time.