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The Wellness Centre is a place to reconnect with yourself. We’ve found the perfect location, accessible and tranquil, just by historic Belvoir Castle in the heart of the East Midlands, where you can unplug from the world and enjoy natural processes of healing. You’ll be able to select treatments from some of the region’s most skilful therapists, and afterwards take home Ayurvedic products supporting your day-to-day wellbeing from a carefully curated selection developed by the centre’s founder, Sunita Passi.

The founder, Sunita Passi’s philosophy

-Ayurveda for now

Originally a business journalist who relished her international lifestyle, Sunita Passi was surprised when she fell apart in India. Ayurveda realigned her, connecting Sunita with her lineage as a healer with skills for body, mind, heart, and emotions. Sunita applies traditional Indian approaches to 21st century stresses, something she is into her second decade communicating as a TEDx speaker and sought-after radio presenter. She’s trained hundreds in the skills of Ayurvedic diagnosis, treatment, and meditation; developed skin and hair products using traditional methods and ingredients that have attracted big company interest, and are used in leading spas internationally.

-About our therapists and teachers

Every one of the people who’ve trained with Sunita brought with them a lifetime of experience that makes them particularly suited at using their skills to support you. That range of backgrounds presents the benefit of working with a team whose Ayurvedic expertise is complemented by personal qualities and outlooks allowing you to work with someone exquisitely tuned in to your needs and circumstances. You may need a meditation session with personal coaching. Massage to bring you back to your body. Herbal medicines to support your fertility. Guidance about nutrition and skincare. Let us know how we can serve you.








Mind and Body Systems


The word holistic has had currency for a while now, and with regard to wellness it’s been at the heart of Ayurveda for centuries. Western medicine often looks at people through specialisms – Ayurveda is about responding to the whole person. That can mean different people experiencing apparently similar symptoms might be recommended a change of diet, daily meditation, or massage with particular oils, depending on how those people differ. However you come in, the intent is that you leave feeling renewed, with more of a sense of who you are and how you can be more of that person in the world to make the differences that matter to you.

-Herbal medicine

The use of herbs in medicine is a tradition reaching back millennia. As well as their use in India, other ancient civilisations including Greece and China have made herbs central to healing. The perception that western pharmaceuticals are mainstream is erroneous – 80% of the world continues to use herbs and preparations made directly with them for treating illnesses. Ayurveda uses herbs for working with fertility, skincare, the heart and circulation, joints and bones, emotional distress, and allergies and other immune system issues. Formulations allow chemicals created by the interaction of sunlight and soil nutrients to be experienced as creams, powders, oils, and more, and can be tailored in line with an individual’s bodily type and character.


Yoga is about exploring body and breathing through postures. Practicing them, singly and in sequence, allows for greater understanding of how physiology affects thoughts and emotions. It’s also great for building strength and flexibility, which in turn are good for increased balance.

The impact of yoga is subtly powerful over time, presenting opportunities to stay resourceful where there may have been less options before. Specific benefits are noted for people suffering high blood pressure, heart issues, back pain, depression, and stress.

We’re not purists, don’t need to follow particular beliefs in the way we use yoga. What we pay attention to is results, and we invite you to do the same.

-Mindfulness Meditation

With demands on our attention from friends, family, and colleagues, the ability to be the best version of ourselves has always been a challenge. Add to that mix social media platforms engineered to make you feel better by participating, and the need to be in charge of your headspace becomes even more important. The way to get in charge is to accept you never will be. Meditation is about learning to accept what’s going on in the mind without being unduly influenced by particular thoughts. Over time, the effect is to make you calmer, more present in the moment. We offer a range of mindful products and services, including Happy Hour sessions for greater workplace resilience and enthusiasm.

body back massage



We offer a supportive approach to community wellness for people in and around the Vale of Belvoir. Our calm relaxation area encourages people to connect, to socialise, and build on the positive experiences of coming together in mindfulness and meditation.


Parent and Child

We offer a regular once-a-week weekly opportunity for mums or dads with babies or toddlers to chill together. Gentle relaxation is the natural response to the atmosphere we create and the best bit is – it’s catching!


Giving back

We care about good health and make every reasonable effort to help raise awareness of the standard of living of India’s people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties.

According to a 2005 report, 60% of India’s children below the age of three are malnourished. Rural India contains over 68% of India’s total population, and half of all residents of rural areas live below the poverty line, struggling for better and easier access to health care and services.

Every year, we donate a percentage of profits to the Tri-Dosha fund which helps support projects that provide essential medical services to those who are not as fortunate as we might be.

We are currently supporting in the UK two practitioners with bursaries for our mindfulness meditation teacher training, and in India free medical camps with the Medical Trust.


How can life be lived fully?

The Ten Secrets To Maintaining Your Own Wellness
The Ten Secrets To Maintaining Your Own Wellness E-book Sunita Passi 2018

​Introduce mindful relaxation and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for increased balance and harmony.

Get ​our FREE e-Book on the ten secrets to maintaining your own wellness NOW

How can life be lived fully? Introduce mindful relaxation and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for increased balance and harmony.

Get my FREE e-Book on the ten secrets to maintaining your own wellness NOW

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